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The software architect’s role is a blend of a senior developer, a team lead, and a CTO—but the proportions vary wildly throughout the industry.

A software architect is a software developer expert who makes high-level design choices and tries to enforce technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms.

The role of software architect generally has certain common traits:

Architects make high-level design choices based on their programming experience. An architect has thought through all the aspects of a software, just like an architect that builds a house. A construction architect knows where the ducts will be, where the electric connections will be and where the wall outlets will be. A design that a common person sees is just the walls and windows but a detailed design that is abstracted from the outsider are also present with the architect. In addition, the architect may sometimes propose technical standards, including coding standards, tools, or platforms.

Software architects may also be engaged in the design of the architecture of the hardware environment, or may focus entirely on the design methodology of the code.

Architects can use various software architectural models that specialize in communicating architecture.

Software Architects


Software Architect, Cybersecurity Expert & CEO

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Lead Developer, Cybersecurity Expert & CTO


Lead Developer, Accessibility Expert & VP of Engineering

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Head of Design, UX/UI Expert